Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Last Picture Taken Of Tupac Shakur

The last picture taken of Tupac Shakur moments before he was murdered.

So the first question surrounding this famous picture is, "Why isn't there any keys in the ignition?". If you look closely, you will see that there are no keys inside the ignition. But the backstory to this picture is that a paparazzi was able to snap a shot of these two while they were stopped at a traffic light (No it was not push-to-start). 

So how could Suge be driving a car without keys in the ignition? 

Some say the picture was a fake (but we'll save that for another post), others say that this picture was taken at a later date. Which brings me to my second question. Look at the date on the picture. Nothing strange about it, right? WRONG. 

If Tupac was shot on the 7th, and well before midnight, then why does the date on the image say the 8th? 

Lastly, after being shot at Quad Recording Studios two years prior to his death, Tupac was known to wear a bulletproof vest practically everywhere. So why, on such a busy night, in one of the most congested cities in America, would Pac decide not to wear a bulletproof vest?

Did Tupac fake his own death? Is Tupac alive?

Comment your thoughts below.